According to a government survey conducted in 2012, 21.6% of people in Canada over the age of 15 experienced some form of substance abuse. Of this number, 18.1% abused alcohol. Substance abuse can have a big impact on physical and mental health, especially if the patient doesn’t get treatment quickly. Many patients develop life-long health consequences like organ damage or nerve damage because of this disorder. What is substance abuse? Any excessive or harmful consumption of psychoactive substances is considered substance abuse. If a patient consumes unhealthy amounts of a mind-altering substance and can’t stop, they need professional help. These patients develop a dependency on drugs or alcohol, experience withdrawal when they try to overcome the problem, and quickly fall[…]

During the home loan comparison process, you might come across two different types of loan repayment options. One is an interest-only loan and the other is a principal-and-interest home loan. It is important to understand the differences between these two options carefully. Here’s a brief look at the options: Interest-Only Home Loans Interest-only home loans have fixed period inthe beginning when all the mortgage amount you pay goes towards your interest obligation. There will be no principal amount deducted until the interest-only period is done. This interest-only period usually lasts for 5 years, after which the loan switches to principal-and-interest home loan. This loan option does offer some benefits that you must consider during home loan comparison. These benefits include: Lower[…]

Choosing a control panel for VPS hosting isn’t easy, especially for admins with little experience in the field. There are many different options available today, but Plesk VPS hosting is one of the most reliable. This platform has won many awards and provides consistent performance even in high traffic situations. It has evolved considerably over the years to keep up with modern hosting demands. Here are some of the biggest advantages of Plesk VPS hosting: Cross-platform It is the only cross-platform control panel available now. You can use it on both Microsoft and Linux VPS servers. This saves money, time, and helps improve productivity as admins need not learn how to use two different control panels. This is especially beneficial[…]

That’s a fun question to answer. We’re just a few people who like to drink beer and have a chuckle after we finish our days of work. We’re always sharing things we found with each other, and Max – one of the guys here at Union Corners – had the idea that we could try sharing that information with people online. Why Union Corners? Well, we all work for union shops, and we got into the habit of calling Mark’s garage “The Union Corners” because it’s where we all meet up to have a beer. Why post things online? Because people find it interesting, and we don’t really have much better to do. Welcome to Union Corners. This should be interesting.[…]